Finished Formative Container

Since I already did the whole of the attaching side, I worked on finishing the stamped/carved side. The end result was quite clean and neat, but it took a lot of work to get there. I used several different carving tools, but the angled loop was most useful because it allowed me to cut a straight line perfectly and keep it neat. Something I could have worked on was putting the same amount of pressure on all the lines. Because I changed my tool a few times, I ended up accidentally making some lines deeper than others. This caused the lines to look messier and not identical as I wanted them to look.

Also at the end of class I rolled out a slab and used a mold to create a bowl shape. I mistakenly rolled the clay out too thin, so when it’s time to take it out of the mold, it may crack and not stay in it’s bowl shape.


Textured Container

After cutting out the base when my piece had hardened considerably, I continued to add all the components needed for my container; carving, stamped and attached. The hardest part would have been the attaching because I rolled out the slabs too thick, so I ended up having to cut my designs to make them thinner. Another difficulty was getting the pieces to attach on neat and smoothly, because even after the slip had hardened, there were a lot of ragged and dirty areas which were hard to clean. When it came to stamping, since the clay was quite hard, it was difficult to get the pattern to show up properly.