Bowl Mold + Summative Container

The very first thing I did this class was take out my bowl shape from the bowl. Though I did it extremely carefully, I was correct in my prediction in which my clay was too thin and it cracked. By the time I took it out completely, there were too many cracks and the bowl was too weak, so I put it in the recycling and started a new container.

I believe this cylinder I’ve started will be my summative, if everything works out well. After doing this several times, I was able to make the slab very quickly, and after only a short while I began smoothing. Before the class ended, I started to make some markings for my design and even start carving out some circles. Because this isn’t a formative, I don’t need to do all three textures and am only required to do some sort of texture. My plan for this cylinder is to carve out circles on the top in a dripping fashion, and then use the same circles I took out and attach them to the bottom of the container. Something I could have fixed was instead of beginning the designs, I could have created the base first, which would allow it to be more stable.


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