Fired and Glazing!

After a weekend of firing and a few more days of cooling down, my summative finally came out of the kiln! I thoroughly examined it for faults, and I found that the slip around some of the circles weren’t wiped off completely, giving a slightly messy appearance. Also the bottom of the container was squished in slightly so its not a perfect circle as I wanted it to be. I really like how the carved out circles ended up and the smoothing of the bottom/top rim gives it a really neat finish.

My previous formative pieces came out of the kiln as well, but they were glazed. I used colors that I would most likely use on my summative just so I could see how it would look, and it proved to be somewhat successful. The drip technique I used on the cylinder was by far my favorite thing I experimented. Though I probably won’t be able to do it on my summative due to the carved circles, I still really like how they add a cool pattern. An unsuccessful experiment was that on my cube I attempted to mix colors, but it ended up to look like a dark murky blue shade.

Using what I learned from my formatives, I’m using a light, sea foam green for the background of my piece and the circles a darker turquoise, because the container reminds me of the sea and bubbles. So far the biggest problem I’ve encountered is that it is really hard to paint in between the circles without getting too much on the actual circles.


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