Cardboard improvements

The last two classes I took my idea from my formative and changed it into something which could end up being my summative. In the first class, I tried out cutting holes in the original formative I created to see how it looked. Because I liked the negative space look it gave, I created two whole new long cardboard folded pieces with the parts cut out and edges rounded. Since I learned from my previous piece how flimsy it can be, I used small cardboard pieces to give it stability. I ended with cutting small pieces of corrugation which I plan to create some sort of base with.

The following class I built upon my idea of making a base with corrugation and created about six corrugation tubes. Using these, I stuck two circle bases together, which made my piece look more complex. After this, I began poking holes in the long pieces and getting string ready to thread through. Next class, when I finish threading, I think I may add some sort of string to the corrugation area to add more rope use.


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