Clay Magnet

A side project we have during our wire project is to create a fridge magnet using clay. With an idea to create the Pakistani flag, I started by creating small, thin piece of clay. After printing a flag the same size, I made markings to make sure my flag is completely accurate. Through this process I found that it was much easier to carve clay after it is somewhat dry.

After putting the piece in the kiln, I used acrylic to paint the flag its respective colors, and wiped clean an area on the back so I can superglue the actual magnet onto the clay.


Wire Human Figure

Our final project in 3D art this semester, a human figure made of wire, ended up being one of the hardest projects so far for me. Due to my lack of experience in the material, it was difficult for me to make shapes I wanted. My idea for the figure was a person falling over, so I had to make one of the legs off the ground and the arms flailing, both of which were a struggle to make.

After a long process of trial and error I found that I can shape the spirals best by twisting them over the clay knife handles, and with some help realized that using wire hooks secure the limbs together the best.

After I attached all the limbs and curved wire into hands, I took a large styrofoam ball and carved a small head shape I’m going to attach onto a neck. My plan from here is to use a wood platform and a stick so my figure has a base that will hold it up. For the covering, I will most likely use the powdery glue material Mr. Stav has provided. Another idea is that I might cover it with tape and then loop string/rope all over the figure for an interesting texture.

FINISHED summative cardboard

After some finishing touches and using string to hang my piece, I finally finished my cardboard negative space piece!

After a few quick weeks of working on cardboard, I’m quite happy with how it ended up, especially with the fact that this is my first ever piece with cardboard. There are a few elements which I really like about the artwork, but others I felt like I could’ve improved upon. I feel that I incorporated the string in the negative space really well, especially with how I made zig-zag rope on the sides, but a shoe lace design on the front and back. I also feel like the top and bottom bases give a really interesting look, as well as the cone-like rope structure to hang it. While I liked some parts of it, I wish I did some other things differently. If I used a cardboard piece which was brown on both sides rather than some design, I feel like it would look more unified. Also I think that the bases could have been made cleaner as some of the rolled up tubes are slightly uneven.

Overall, despite some mistakes and burns through the glue gun, I believe my first attempt at a cardboard negative space piece was a success and I am quite proud of it.