FINISHED summative cardboard

After some finishing touches and using string to hang my piece, I finally finished my cardboard negative space piece!

After a few quick weeks of working on cardboard, I’m quite happy with how it ended up, especially with the fact that this is my first ever piece with cardboard. There are a few elements which I really like about the artwork, but others I felt like I could’ve improved upon. I feel that I incorporated the string in the negative space really well, especially with how I made zig-zag rope on the sides, but a shoe lace design on the front and back. I also feel like the top and bottom bases give a really interesting look, as well as the cone-like rope structure to hang it. While I liked some parts of it, I wish I did some other things differently. If I used a cardboard piece which was brown on both sides rather than some design, I feel like it would look more unified. Also I think that the bases could have been made cleaner as some of the rolled up tubes are slightly uneven.

Overall, despite some mistakes and burns through the glue gun, I believe my first attempt at a cardboard negative space piece was a success and I am quite proud of it.



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