Wire Human Figure

Our final project in 3D art this semester, a human figure made of wire, ended up being one of the hardest projects so far for me. Due to my lack of experience in the material, it was difficult for me to make shapes I wanted. My idea for the figure was a person falling over, so I had to make one of the legs off the ground and the arms flailing, both of which were a struggle to make.

After a long process of trial and error I found that I can shape the spirals best by twisting them over the clay knife handles, and with some help realized that using wire hooks secure the limbs together the best.

After I attached all the limbs and curved wire into hands, I took a large styrofoam ball and carved a small head shape I’m going to attach onto a neck. My plan from here is to use a wood platform and a stick so my figure has a base that will hold it up. For the covering, I will most likely use the powdery glue material Mr. Stav has provided. Another idea is that I might cover it with tape and then loop string/rope all over the figure for an interesting texture.


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