Human Figure – Almost done

After finishing using the sculpta-mold, and smoothing my piece as much as I could, I began working on the clothing. Originally I planned to make casual clothes but I found an old green curtain in the fabric box, and the buttons on it reminded me so much of a suit that I couldn’t help but use it. Whilst making measurements, I used tape to help me understand what sizing I’ll have to cut the fabric and organize the clothes onto the figure.

After a few classes and several flex blocks, I finally managed to finish the clothing for my human figure. Continuing with the green suit idea, I ended up giving my figure light green pants and then black shoes to accompany it. After one of my friends found a small toy cup, to help show the fact that my character is falling over, I used hot glue to make it look like coffee falling out a cup.

While the clothes didn’t look as clean as I wanted it to look, I used some green paint to fill in some empty spaces and considering I am not really talented at anything with fabric, I’m quite proud of how this turned out.


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