Blind Contour #2

After a few more practice BC faces and hands, we began to draw proper objects. Because a lot of these were pretty detailed it was really difficult to get it all down on paper, though the end result wasn’t the bad for some of them.

Though I have done blind contours in the past, due to the fact these were the most detailed and hard BC drawings I have ever done, I learned a lot more about it. While before I never really understood how I benefited from these exercises, when drawing the still life objects I found myself really getting focused and understanding the shapes properly. When there are so many lines and shapes, the BC exercise makes ones hand eye coordination much better and helps the artist zero in on each exact line they draw.

The actual creation of the pieces was pretty straightforward, for most of them we had to keep our eyes off our paper and trace the object with our eyes, at the same time we also draw the figure ‘blindly’. For the modified versions, we were allowed to look at our paper from time to time, but the basic idea was that we had to input every last detail our eyes could see. In the long run this did actually help because after this we began our still life drawings and because of these practices, I was able to draw a lot more detail than I usually do.


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