Summative Lines and Shapes

Coloring: I selected all the areas in the background behind the wires and shaded it into warm/cool colors. With several other layers I made the larger area of wires a reddish shade and the smaller area a bluish shade.

The main area of lines and shapes are the mass amount of curves of the wires over the wood.



Exposure/Color: I used contrast and exposure to make the background of the streets darker and used the tinting to change the color of the sky and streets.

The main focus of lines and shapes are the curving streets leading off in various directions, some above each other and others below.

Exposure: By using both exposure and contrast I made the black tips of the wire stand out and the wire more in focus.

The main focus of lines and shapes are the repeating stacks of wires on the rack as well as the stacked black ends.


No editing 🙂

The main subject of lines/shapes are the repeating lines of the wall becoming lighter, as well as the faint lines above with light streaming through.


Threshold: Using the threshold tool I made a picture of tied sticks black and white. Then I used the fill to use various shades of pink/red, and filled up the background with a contrasting color of dark blue.


Threshold: After using threshold I used various purple shades with some gray to show metal and filled in highlights and shadows.

Backlit: When it was dark out I used a torch to shine a light behind the leaves which lighted up not only the lines and veins of the leaf, but the small hairs surrounding it. I edited this as well by adding contrast, since the background was just a little to light.

blacklit3.jpgBacklit: Because light from the torch only showed in a small focused area, I tied a leaf to a lamp, allowing all the veins to shine through and show brightly. backlit2Pattern: Originally I had four squares in a cube like form, but by using warp tools like pucker, bloat, and swirl I made the squares give a petal-like look. Instead of just using color I input gradients and patterns as well. screen-shot-2017-02-21-at-1-30-46-pmPattern: By just using triangles and squares, I made a diamond-like symmetrical pattern. By filling the triangles with gradient colors, the shapes look more interesting than they would with solid color.screen-shot-2017-02-22-at-11-12-14-pm


Perspective/Proportion drawing


In this drawing exercise we learnt;

Proportion: The size of something in comparison to itself.

Perspective: How large/small something is in comparison to something else.

Negative space: The empty space around the subjects, where there’s ‘nothing’.

Using these ideas, we created realistic line drawings of various items, which I feel turned out pretty well. At first I found it hard to make everything proportionate, especially with so many objects in the picture, but as I did more pieces I got the hang of it. Some strategies I figured out that helped a lot was ‘simple shapes’. Lightly sketching the items beforehand help plan out the piece and make sure everything is in place before any detail is added. Also by using a pencil to measure the size of the objects in relation to the rest helped make sure everything was correctly sized.

Photoshop Practice

The entire class today we worked on various pictures in Photoshop and tried out different tools. I managed to work on three different photos, some of which are done and others that aren’t.

This first one I worked on was an underexposed picture that I took in a school hallway, and my plan was to keep the background dark but make the windows brighter. By using select tools, exposure and color balance, I made the clouds more visible and the windows stand out.


On this picture I used mainly select, blur, burn and color balance to make a gradient-like look to the leaves and give it a blueish undertone. screen-shot-2017-02-07-at-10-43-49-am

For this image I tried some different things, and used various color tools to change my sister’s hair color. Also I used highlights and shadows to make the pool stand out more and exposure to make the shirt and pool side to darken. screen-shot-2017-02-07-at-10-43-39-am