So far using different tutorials I have created a few things in photoshop.


My first try at double exposure didn’t turn out very well but it was a good learning experience. Through a video I learnt how to use vector masks and the pen tool to make two pictures be layered upon each other. While this didn’t work very well because of the choppy cropping and not the best picture, this skill will be very helpful in the future.

xray ribbonBecause I found double exposure mostly boring I found a tutorial with just pictures and words on how to make a ribbon-like x-ray portrait. While I began this in class, I worked on a┬ámajority of it at home as it was very time consuming. The main skills I learnt whilst doing this was how to use the pen tool to cut out areas, make areas look 3D using the burn tool, changing the ‘stroke’ size, and use effects on specific layers. Overall, I feel this was extremely successful because whilst I ran into a lot of problems, it looks fairly good by the end of it.


After Nikko and Masooma presented for us, I was both amazed and inspired by both of their digital art portfolios, especially Nikko’s art. Looking at his figure drawings reminded me of drawings I’ve done in the past, and because I really liked the style of it, I tried replicating it onto one of my older drawings. In addition to this, he explained how you can input videos/gifs into Photoshop, and how he used it for his concentration piece in AP art. Originally I wasn’t planning on using videos, but I found the shirt especially hard to shade in, so I ended up playing around until I found out how to insert videos. Lastly, after some trial and error, I figured out you can convert a video into a gif using photoshop. Using this knowledge, I was able to make my drawing ‘video’ into a gif.

Process of Mikayla drawing:

Original picture:unnamed

Drawn using iPad IMG_0006

Colored and shadedScreen Shot 2017-03-20 at 7.08.04 PMInserted gif ­čÖéezgif.com-video-to-gif


Media Study / Value Scales


img_7192Graphite:img_7195Colored Pencil:img_7194Oil Pastel:img_7193Ink:



Throughout this exercise we learned how media is the material used to make art and value is how light/dark something is. Using this knowledge, we made 6 different value scales/drawings with different medias, in order for us to learn how to work with them. They all differed in ways to create value, for example, with graphite or color pencil one can simply lightly use it to make highlights. In contrast, for oil pastel, chalk and charcoal, we had to add white to colors in order to make it lighter and black/darker colors for shadows. Ink was the most unique as it to create value, lines simply had to be closer together or father apart.

Drawing with ‘Light’


This ‘Drawing with Light’ piece was definitely more difficult and confusing that most of the artwork I have done in the past. The aim of the piece was to use white charcoal to show areas of highlights and use black/brown minimally for shadows. This was quite hard because with so many light sources in the room, you couldn’t really pinpoint one area of light. Also for items with not much value, like the plain white funnel, it took a long time to show the few shadows and highlights that appeared on it.