Overall for this project, while I feel like I could have done a better job for the product, I really like how much I learned about new medias through the making of it. While I had an original plan, through mistakes, ideas and lack of materials my outcome was pretty different than what I had in mind.

The medias I used were:

  • Wood
  • Newspaper
  • Acrylic
  • Gouache
  • Watercolor
  • Wire
  • Screws


The girl was done by using a mixture of pastel colors for the skin, and yellows and oranges for the hair. In order for some contrast, I used dark blues, greens and purple and speckled it with white to give a galaxy look. I used newspaper for the background because I felt it matched the wood look of the shirt.


After creating the main subject of the girl, I realized it was slightly smaller than I hoped, meaning there was a lot of empty space. I originally was going to use up this space to do some interesting wire artwork and have a wire thought bubble coming from her head, but the day I was going to begin this, the hot glue ran out. With minimal time left to finish the art piece, I instead found some screws and began hammering them into the wood and wrapping the wire around it. This timely process only allowed me to do an outline of the girl, which can be seen better in real life than in pictures. Lastly, to cover some of the above empty space, I used some plastic wire I found and pulled it across the wood. Since it wasn’t stuck down, it made some interesting shadows on the piece.



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